Full Spirit Activation Sessions in Tacoma/Gig Harbor

Experience the "second step" in your journey of spiritual healing and personal growth with a Full Spirit Activation. This transformational modality is the next level after Life Activation and is vital for connecting your mind and "old" or "original brain" with your soul.

Are you:

  • Ready to release emotional attachments that are no longer serving you?
  • Ready to step away from stagnation and inertia in decision making?
  • Feeling a sense of imbalance, dissatisfaction, or even feeling "incomplete" in the very depths of your soul?
  • Experiencing mental chatter or thought patterns that are pointless and redundant?
  • Feeling unsure or lacking confidence in your decisions?

If you long to access higher levels of consciousness and want to experience an extraordinary life...

...then The Full Spirit Activation is essential!

What is The Full Spirit Activation?

The Full Spirit Activation is a powerful healing modality. It follows a Life Activation and is the next step on the journey of personal growth. A Full Spirit Activation accelerates and enhances your own divinity, increasing your soul's awareness of the physical experience and creating a richer appreciation for this amazing life.

The Life Activation begins your spiritual journey by literally infusing you with Light. It "charges" you with energy, just like a battery charges equipment with energy, and it amplifies your connection with your "higher self".

The Full Spirit Activation continues this transformation process by helping you connect deeply with your very soul. It is designed to activate the connection between your Divine Body and your physical body's pituitary, thalamus, and pineal glands – your body's "old brain". Through this connection, you can bypass the physical processes, inertia, and stagnation that are holding you back and enter a state of being that is more harmonious with the universe around you. A Full Spirit Activation allows you to truly find joy in the miracle of your life every day.

When you awaken your old brain, you'll begin to see miracles happen! You'll feel different – more alive, more relaxed with your decisions, happier with your choices, and you'll gain more clarity. You'll be more in tune with the Divine and your own self-worth. You'll become more interested in service to others and will find joy in helping your fellow man.

Experiencing a Full Spirit Activation will allow you to:

  • Quiet mental chatter
  • Access higher levels of consciousness
  • Overcome apathy, doubt, and inertia
  • Release past unresolved emotions and attachments both effortlessly and instantly
  • Make decisions and choices with confidence and ease
  • Respond to new situations and challenges with more clarity and assurance
  • Enhance your intuition, creativity, memory, and foresight about the future
  • Have a greater personal sense of ease
  • More easily relax and access meditative states
  • Heighten your senses and the ability to recognize subtle energies
  • Awaken to the new paradigm that we are evolving into
  • Feel more connected to Spirit and at-one with all things around you
  • See more possibilities of what you can be and can do
  • Experience a sense of joy in your life!

Full Spirit Activation Sessions

*The prerequisite for this session is the Life Activation class.

The Full Spirit Activation has only just been reintroduced from the deep well of ancient knowledge and advanced techniques for accelerating our next evolutionary step. Full Spirit Activation takes the healing that was achieved by your Life Activation session to a whole new level. It uses a special, ancient technique to awaken key regions of the brain that work with your psychic abilities and enhance the neurological system of your physical body. This very holy, very sacred system has been used in the past to initiate high lamas of Tibet!

The Full Spirit Activation awakens your soul so that you become more balanced, aware, and appreciative of your physical existence. This will help you to connect more fully with your Spirit essence so that you can express your True Self in the world.

*Due to the energy alignments that are triggered, a Full Spirit Activation must be done in person. It cannot be done over the phone or online. Our transformational sessions are conducted by our Certified Healer in our tranquil Light Center in the South Puget Sound/Tacoma area.

Consultation and ongoing support is included in the price of the class. Contact us for pricing and information on our Full Spirit Activation services.

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