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Reiki Healing

Our soothing and peaceful Jikiden Reiki energy healing services can aid and supplement conventional medicines and remedies, reduce pain and anxiety, decrease stress and tension, help to clear emotional blockages, and much more!

Please visit our Reiki section for information about how you can benefit from Reiki treatment.

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Reiki Certification

Are you ready to help yourself and others? There are no special talents or abilities required to be able to give Reiki. Become a certified Reiki Practitioner and share your gifts with the world!

Learn more about our Jikiden Reiki certifications.

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Max Meditation System™

The Max Meditation System™ is a simple and effective way to learn how to meditate. Research has shown that meditation, either alone or in a group setting, can be life altering for the practitioner – in the best ways possible! Meditation is known to diminish and release tension and stress, decrease physical and emotional pain, and increase the joy and happiness you experience in your everyday life.

Please visit our Max Meditation System™ section to learn about how meditation can change your life!

Join us for one of our guided Max Meditation System™ groups in the South Puget Sound/Tacoma area.

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Life Activation

Activate a deeper connection to your inner knowing. Move past barriers and achieve breakthroughs in your daily life, unlock your spiritual DNA and begin the journey towards revealing your true potential and purpose for your life.

Please visit our Life Activation section to learn more about our soothing, serene Gig Harbor sessions.

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Full Spirit Activation

Experience the "second step" in your journey of spiritual healing and personal growth with a Full Spirit Activation. This transformational modality is the next level after Life Activation and is vital for connecting your mind and "old" or "original brain" with your soul.

Please visit our Full Spirit Activation section to learn more about the sessions we offer at our South Puget Sound area location.

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Special Events

We host Reiki Share events, we host Reiju Kai events and we participate in Community Events. Please check the Calendar for special events. Contact us to host events at your location. We can also travel to your location to provide Jikiden Reiki classes and certifications.

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