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Going into Linda’s class I was not sure what to expect. I did not know much about Reiki but I knew I was being called to it. Linda was wonderful at explaining the history of Reiki to us. I felt a connection to story of Usui and the linage, the symbol and what Reiki was truly deep down. When receiving my Reijus, it was very powerful. I could feel Reiki. While we worked on each other it was amazing and powerful. I’m very much looking forward to my next class and hope to follow Linda into her journey as a Shihan as she is a great mentor.

— Christina B.
Taking Jikiden Reiki Level One was at the perfect time in my journey to self healing. Linda's teachings were thorough, informative with great care taken into upholding the lineage. The healing space she works out of was clean, well organized and welcoming. She has such a passion for these tools and it shines through when she teaches. I use Jikiden Reiki everyday on myself and my dogs. In addition, this tool has equipped me with feeling energy stagnation within myself with greater clarity. She is a wonderful teacher, friend and light-worker. I am blessed to know her and serve alongside her.

— Cathelina S.
I was recently a participant in the Jikiden Reiki course taught by Linda Watermeyer. Linda provided detailed course materials which were covered at length to my understanding. A warm and tranquil environment which along with Linda being a caring professional. I look forward to taking another Reiki course from Linda in the future.

— Ralma E.
Linda's Jikiden Shoden course was absolutely amazing. She is a very gifted Reiki practitioner and instructor. Her class taught me not only about Jikiden Reiki but gave me new insight into my own spirituality. It gave me the confidence to practice energy healing on myself and others (including my kitty!). I would recommend Linda's course to anyone looking to learn Reiki!

— Kristi S.
It was a delight to be Linda's student! I loved the entire process and appreciated the time you took to explain the history and practice of Jikiden Reiki. Being under her instruction was my favorite Reiki learning experience thus far! I especially appreciated the time she took, making sure we were able to pronounce the Japanese words correctly, understood their meanings, and how the order of things made a difference in the flow of energy!

— Terri S.
I took the Reiki 1 Class from Linda earlier this year. It was an amazing experience! Linda is a fabulous teacher and so in tune with everything spiritual. I learned so much, and continue to learn through her all the time.

— Kathy S.
Linda Watermeyer helped me feel my own energy. That alone was my clarity.

— Teresa I.
First of all, I knew absolutely nothing about Reiki until Linda shared her enthusiasm with me over a few soccer games. At 54 years, I'm experiencing the usual aches and pains as well as lack of quality sleep. My first visit to Linda's studio I didn't know quite what to expect. Linda was so welcoming and informative. Her studio is beautiful and so peaceful, tasteful and relaxing. Linda made sure I knew exactly what she was doing and what I should expect. The experience was probably the most relaxing thing I've ever done. I slept better than usual after my two visits and can see how the practice can help your body physically and mentally. I appreciate Linda's knowledge and professionalism and look forward to experiencing the benefits of her profession in the future. Thank you Linda!

— Mike B.
Linda's kind and welcoming aura creates an enriching experience that I remember for days after each session. Her generous, healing touch fills the body with such a positive energy that leaves one wishing the session would never end. If only everyone could experience the feeling of healing, peace, and joy felt at the end of Linda's session, the world would be a better place

— Deborah H.
Linda has attuned me to Level II in Reiki and performed both a life and spirit activation on me over the course of the last year to which I owe her great thanks because the combination of the three has changed my life. I will admit that I was initially skeptical, especially in regards to the life and spirit activation. I had heard of Reiki and met others who had used it previously so I was certainly on board with it but I could find little information about the activations online or by word of mouth which made me a little wary. I was visiting her home in Washington with her son for Thanksgiving when she did my life activation and on vacation with her and her family for Christmas when she followed up with my spirit activation. A little back story on me — I have struggled with depression for a very long time. It ebbs and flows but is significantly worse around the holidays. Additionally, I had been feeling really alone during this time period as well because I had recently relocated to the Bay Area and didn't really have a support network — it was hard to make friends in the city who seemed genuine and I didn't have many people to talk to. I had considered moving back to Portland because it was familiar to me and felt like home.

In the last two months things took a turn following my activations. Recently I have grown much closer to two or three people I had met at work who have introduced me to their social circles. I finally started to have plans on the weekend and felt like I had people to talk to. I realized I didn't feel lonely all the time. I also started to enjoy the time I did spend alone and was practicing better self care. I was cleaning more, taking baths, meditating and exercising more frequently — all things I enjoy that usually slip through the craps when I am in a rut of depression. I was laughing more and smiling more and not taking out my anger/frustrations (the secondary emotion that usually comes out when I am depressed and scared) on my boyfriend, Linda's son. On my vacation Jay's sister even commented that I seemed much happier, which I have never heard in my life.

After Christmas and my spirit activation, I came back to start the new year at work and started taking more initiative. I recently realized I have become increasingly more confident in myself and who I am as a person and a professional. I have always gotten excellent feedback in every job but have been told as well that my lack of pride in myself and self-confidence could likely lead to a plateau in my career and I was told last week in a one on one with my boss that I suddenly seem to have more confidence than ever. I have struggled my entire life with feelings of worthlessness and lack of pride due to challenges in my upbringing and I can honestly say for the first time in my life I am happy with who I am. I actually feel like I add value to the lives of people around me which I never thought was possible.

The craziest part of all of this is it took me until about a few days ago to draw the parallel between my new joy and Linda's activations. I woke up one morning before my alarm and was laying comfortably in bed with my dog and had the thought "I am suddenly so much happier and I don't know why". It was then that I started thinking about what had changed in the last two months and the only thing that I had added to my life was the life and spirit activation. Opening me up to the light helped me help myself and for that I am truly grateful. I don't think I am even the slightest bit biased despite my personal connection with Linda — if anything I actually am starting to wonder if the universe brought her healing energy to me through Jay, her son, in order for me to find myself! I would encourage anyone who is wanting to be a better version of themselves to seek out Linda's support.

— Courtney H.
I was fortunate to work with Linda during a time of life-threatening illness that included chemotherapy and two surgeries (during both of which she flowed Reiki for me). I am confident Linda's work supported my full recovery.

— Lisa W.
Just wanted to let you know how I'm doing. The pain in my shoulder and hip is much better. I also slept really well. So excited for our next appointment.

— Michael P.
I had surgery 5 years ago on a gland in my neck, and have had pain there ever since. After three Reiki treatments, the pain is gone. With Linda, it was beautiful, magical. I felt comfortable, relaxed, and transported. I felt vibrations throughout certain areas in my body. I love it!

— Maria P.
I really enjoyed my time. I honestly feel so much better for it. I saw some beautiful colors, felt relaxed, and thought it was a great stress reliever.

— Cammae F.
I noticed some vibration and felt the heat in Linda's hands. I actually saw lights and colors, which moved with the background music. My body and my mind feel more at ease and I would gladly do it again.

— Natasha C.
The experience with Linda was amazing. Just being near her loving energy is healing. Linda's calm and loving energy flows gently through, filling my body with peace and well-being. I noticed the warmth from Linda's hands, and tingling spread through my body. Definitely beneficial to me!

— Deborah S.
Linda, my friend, a feather for your cap and mine and my cancer doc. We together have made the tumor in my breast apparently "disappear"...I cannot thank you enough and I look forward to being in your first class!!

— Lisa W.
I can honestly say I have never felt so relaxed in my life. At times, I could feel a warming type of energy in my chest area. I also visualized some beautiful and peaceful places. The whole experience was very positive.

— Chueh S.
Thank you so much for the generous gift of Reiki and loving spirit behind it. In the past two times I've had chemo, I have been in a fog afterwards and spent the evening in kind of a stupor. I had chemo this morning and Reiki this afternoon, and the fog didn't happen this time. I left feeling pretty much like myself. Which is tremendous!

— Anonymous
I have recurring pain in my Achilles tendon, and your Reiki relieves the pain for a few hours after each treatment. It is so helpful!

— Daniel W.
What wonderful blessings you gave Howard in your many visits of being with him and placing your hands for healing. The last two weeks before he died were so difficult and many times so very painful. I always was so sorry I missed your visit when Terri would share with me that you had been with him. You are a dear and caring friend and I know God blessed Howard during those visits and love that you gave him.

— Colleen H.

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